5 Challenges of Telecommuting

A look at the challenges faced by telecommuters


Telecommuting - Remote WorkTelecommuting may not be for all people. You are alone and you have to collaborate with others. You are not likely to interact with your coworkers extensively or get to know them on the same personal level as you may in an office.

For a lot of people, this lack of interaction is the downside or challenge to telecommuting they seem to cite the most, they use their daily interactions as a way to connect with people. There is nothing wrong with that, I am certainly not trying to start a war with people who require more socialization in their jobs. I won’t include it on my list though as I don’t view it as a challenge, but below you will find a list of issues I have faced holding telecommute roles that I would regard as a downside or challenge to telecommuting.

1. It is harder to gauge or…

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