Open Offices Suck

From Agile-Mercurial

The modern open office design is horrible for productivity and most people hate it.


pexels-photo-1170412Background noises, a dozen conversations, and coworkers gnashing on their lunch. The ring of someone’s phone every couple of minutes, an impromptu meeting being carried out that has nothing to do with me, and someone is talking louder and louder as they try to be heard. Someone tells a joke and now we have a really loud laugher, it covers some of the other sounds up, but does nothing about the smell of Bob farting silently at his desk.

I telecommute now, but that is how I remember my experience with the open office environment. It was not very work friendly, and some days it just exacerbated the struggle with complex programming related issues.

I explained some of the issues I had with open offices in the post “Osmotic Communication: Flawed Communication practices” Here I want to explain more how detrimental open offices are to the workplace and…

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