The failure to plan proactive communication methods is evident in telecommuting environments.


Communication Plan

We can get away with having lazy communication practices in a co-located team or single building environment. In a co-located team we have accidents and chance encounters that help fill in the gap that exists without a proactive communication plan. In a single work building, we can expect to run into coworkers from different departments and perhaps discuss some of the things we are working on. It isn’t perfect, but it can work.

They are just accidents. There is no guarantee that your co-located team will be struck by innovation while running into someone in the bathroom. Many companies rely on those accidents a bit too much. They do nothing to encourage them, in fact, they sometimes even work to hinder them through rules governing breaks, idle chit-chat, or overbearing management presence.

Those accidents and chance encounters are very often cited as a reason to not allow remote working. At the…

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